Monday, March 26, 2007

2007 Las Vegas Trip Part 3

Hi, it's me Ricky again. Has any of you had to deal with energetic 2 year old human? Here's my story of my first day in Las Vegas and about my encounter with Bradley Old Dave's Grandson.

The morning after we made it to Las Vegas I was sleeping peacefully in the spot Old Dave parked me among many other cars from Las Vegas. I was dreaming about smooth white fenders and dreamy head lamps and pink hearts on the tailgate, when my driver door opened and Old Dave jumped in. He fired up my engine and headed out down the driveway.

Old Dave said, "What cha been doin' Ricky?"

I responded, "Oh, nothing. Just sleeping."

"Well, we have a full day ahead of us so here we go."

"OK" (Big yawn)

It was still dark and as we headed toward Las Vegas from Boulder City where we had spent the night with Old Dave's sister, I could see a glow in front of us. We came closer and closer to the glow and finally popped up over the hill. There was a whole valley of lights below us twinkling in the darkness. It was a magnificent sight and one that I would see every morning while we were there.

We whizzed on down into the valley and made it to a small casino where old Dave parked me in the parking lot and seemed to be waiting for someone. Soon another Ford Ranger came creeping into the lot. He had a look of wisdom about him and a shell cover on his back. Old Dave hopped out and locked me up and wandered over to the wise old truck. It turned out that Old Dave's Dad owned the wise truck and parked it not to far away from me. As Old Dave, his Dad, and Sally made their way into the casino for breakfast, I decided to strike up a conversation with the wise looking truck.

He told me many things over the course of the next two weeks. We talked about pistons, injectors, carburetors, tires and all the things that trucks talk about. He shared many things about not just Las Vegas but about life in general as a truck. He truly was a wise truck and by the end of the two weeks I knew that Old Dave was right about not going for a ride with Pink Hearts on the tailgate.

After breakfast, Old Dave came back and together we headed out to see a Grand child named Bradley.

We found the apartment where Bradley lived. We had many places to go with Bradley today. First order of business was to put a car seat in my seat. The belt went through the back side of the Bradley seat and buckled up to keep the seat firmly in place. Ok, ready to go. Here comes Bradley. Cute little human. Isn't that cute that he can climb into the cab all by himself.

"No wait, don't touch that. Stop twisting that knob. No don't push that. Get in your sit please. Stop pulling on that. "

"Aaaaaah, can someone strap that kid in his seat. Quit kicking my shifter. Oh man the feet do not belong on the steering wheel. How many hands and feet does this kid have anyway?"

Finally, he's in the seat and my knobs, and buttons get some relief.

Over the next two weeks, Bradley went through his antics many times, but I got to like him. He was filled with energy to the max and sometimes he really did behave good.

You can tell me about your experience with 2 year old humans if want.


Anonymous said...

This would make a great cartoon! said...

If I told you about all the experiences I've had with 2 year olds, I don't believe there would be enough gigabites in all of cyberspace, to hold such a load of information.