Sunday, April 8, 2007

Back Home Again

Hi it's me again, Ricky.

Boy am I glad to be back home. Traveling nice but it a good feeling to be back around familiar places. Like Borders Bookstore.

Old Dave my owner likes to frequent Borders bookstore. He like to sip on a Border's blend coffee and read home improvement or gardening magazines that he's too cheap to buy.

One day after we came home I was snoozin' in the garage dreaming about our adventures we had together in March when Old Dave opens the door and slides into the seat. My motor purrs to life as the garage door shimmy's open. The door needs a little work I think. We are on a mission today. Boards and little metal thingys to make saw horses for projects going on this summer. It's a good day to go haulin'. I just like to haul a good load.

We arrive in the parking lot of, where else, Lowe's Home Improvement store. Old Dave ambles into the store and I start looking around the parking lot for conversation.

"Hey, little Toyota. I'm Ricky. How are you today."

A sweet little voice responded, "Oh, I'm Samantha and I'm good today. What you got going on today."

"Well, I just came back from Las Vegas with my owner Old Dave. We had quite an adventure together."

With little Toyota Samantha eyes opened wide with wonder. "Las Vegas? Is it far?"

"Oh yeah it takes two days to get there. Let me tell you about how I had to fight my way through a storm in Wyoming. It all started on the day we left with nice weather in Nebraska. We made our way across the state and into the state of Wyoming making good time."

"Oh my it sounds like fun", said Sam.

"Yeah, but then it started to snow and harder and harder. The big trucks were splashing me with huge amounts of slush and I could barely see."

"You are so brave. I don't think I could have done that."

"Yeah, I know. Then we climbed into mountains and my computer had to change my fuel mixture to keep the power up. You see we needed to get to Green River to see grand children and then we ......................................................................................."

".................................................and we made to Las Vegas the next day. Las Vegas that's another story."

"You been so far away," said Sam. "Maybe someday I get to go on a trip like that."

"Ah well maybe, let me tell you about when I went to Canada."

"Oh you have been so many places," said Sam.

"Oh well I guess that story will have to wait here comes my owner, Old Dave."

We said goodbye as Old Dave hopped in the seat and we sped away leaving Sam yearning to be a traveler.

"What you been doin' Ricky," said Old Dave.

"Oh nothing. Just talking to Sam the Toyota."

"So what were you talking about?"

"I was telling her about our trip to Las Vegas about how we fought our way through the blizzard, visited the grand kids, fixed things, came home in a squall, and had such a good trip."

"Oh, what about her has she been anywhere?", said Old Dave.

"Well, I don't know I didn't ask. Then I wanted to tell her about the time we went to Canada, but you came out and we had leave so I'll have tell her about that another day."

"So, you talked about our adventures all the time I was in the store?"

"Oh, yeah she was fascinated by the places I've been."



"I know we have been a few places and have done many things, but one thing I have learned is that listening to other peoples stories is just as important as telling ours."

"Huh, they have stories?"

"Yes, they do and some are more fascinating then ours."

"Oh, Hmmmmm, I didn't think about that."

"I think I'll stop off at the Borders Bookstore and spend some time browsing the magazine rack and drink a cup of coffee," said Old Dave.

"Oh, yeah maybe I can talk with someone else."

"Just remember what I told you."

"Yeah, yeah, OK."

We lumbered into the parking lot with boards and other stuff in my back and Old Dave scampered into the book store.

"Hey, super duty, I'm Ricky."

As gruff voice came back that sounded like he had swallowed gravel, "Yeah, what do you want kid."

"Hey, I just came back from Las Vegas and I fought my way through a snow............................ yeah well it looks like your havin' a bad day huh."

"yeah, I just got back from Colorado and I hauled a fifth wheel camper on back. My back is killin' me right now."

"OK, tell me about your trip to Colorado."

"Well, we started out across the plains of Nebraska. About 3 hours into the drive we blew a tire on the trailer and my owner had to pull off the road and call for road service. We waited for ......................................................................... and before long we had arrived in Denver only to have climb the mountain to the top. Oh, my aching back. Then we .............................. finally the day ended and I got to rest."

"Hey, that was a great story. You got any more?"

"Well, there was the time we went to."

"Oh, here comes my owner. I'll have to hear the other story another time."

"OK, see ya kid."

Old Dave slid into the seat and we drove out of the drive onto Maple homeward bound.

"Well, hear any good stories, Ricky?"

"Yeah, you were right. It is good to hear other truck stories."

"Told ya"

It's been a good day. There sure is a lot to be learned about life. Sometimes I wonder if I can ever learn it all.