Sunday, March 25, 2007

2007 Las Vegas Trip Part 1

I would like to tell you about the trip Old Dave and I took to Las Vegas. I can always tell when Old Dave is getting ready to leave on a trip. He starting putting things in this box with zippers on it. He calls it a suitcase. However, I never see him put any suits in it. This time he loaded me up with some furniture and covered them up with a tarp. He kept telling everyone we were going to a place called Las Vegas. I ready didn't know where that was or what kind of place it was.

We were to visit Grand children on the way in Green River, Wyoming. Where ever that was. I guessed that it was far away by the way old Dave wrapped the furniture I was carrying.

The day came for us to leave. Old Dave put the box with zippers in my storage behind the seat along with another case that had latches on it. We headed out of town Friday afternoon with hopes to be in Green River by Noon on Saturday. All things were going as planned. We stopped in the town of North Platte. Old Dave filled my tank and drained his tank. It was the second trip this month and I really like being on the road again. Old Dave bought a big coffee, two sandwiches, a bag of chips, and a bottle of Pepsi. I knew he was loading up for a 5 hour drive. We have been traveling together enough for me to know his traveling habits. So we headed back out on the highway toward Wyoming. It was a good day. It was a warm sunny day. It just doesn't get any better than a sunny day and the open highway. My cruise control was set for 75 and we were making good time.

We crossed the Wyoming border and continued to press on toward Green River. The sun began setting and soon we were cruising in darkness the state of Wyoming. About 10 pm it started to rain. It rained harder and harder. Then it started to turn to snow. The roads began to get slushy but still we pressed on toward our goal of Green River. The roads never got to bad but those pesky car carrier trucks were the worst for spraying dirty road water on me as they passed us. They always seemed to travel faster than anyone else on the highway. I could hardly see when they zoomed past with a comment of , "Hey buddie move over I'm coming through" in their growly biker voice.

We did make it to Green River by noon and checked into the Super 8 motel. Old Dave called the Grand kids and we made a visit to them. I got to take Sage for a ride to the restaurant. It was a good young man and I enjoyed have him ride in my passenger seat. Sky, Liberty, and Mom went in their car to the restaurant. Old Dave seemed to have a really good visit with all the members of the family and sooner than we wanted it was time to bed down for the night.

The next morning we woke up to frost on the windows and a chill in the air. We set our sights toward Las Vegas. All went well and soon we began heading through the mountains. Wow, I never have seen anything so big in my life.

We crossed the divide and came down out of the mountains into Salt Lake city and began our journey down the I-15 which follows the high plain of Utah all the way to Arizona. We hit the 25 mile mountainous corner of Arizona in early afternoon.

We finally made it to Las Vegas in late afternoon. As we pulled up to the first stop light in the town a cute little girl white Ford Ranger pulled up beside us. Oh my goodness she was the cutest thing I have ever seen.

She batted her head lamps and looked over at me and said, "Hi there big fella. Wanna go for a ride?"

I almost dropped my oil pan and said, "Oh yeah. Can I Old Dave. Can I"

Old Dave began to explain to me that everything in this town is not what it appears to be. He said that what looks good on the outside surface is usually rotten on the inside. He explained further that this town is all about money. We have it and they want it. Then they deceive you into believing that you had a good time giving it to them.

"So Ricky, the answer is no, you can't go. Just cool your injectors and focus on why we came here."

"Aw gee whiz. I never get to do anything fun."

The light turned green and the white girl truck sped off. "Oh man she had little pink hearts on her tailgate." Old Dave reassured me that I didn't want to have anything to do with a truck like her, but I wasn't convinced just yet.

This was a very different kind of place we had come to. Lights everywhere. Signs with flashing lights and digital billboards like I had never seen before. So much to see and look at.

Little did I know that the adventure was just beginning.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ricky is certainly observant and a good learner. You grand kids are sweet. Looking forward to more. Esther

Anonymous said...

Ricky needs to write children's books! I can just see him in cartoon form. Keep writing Old Dave as long as you old hand will and as long as you old mind can remember!
Love you, Barb

Aaron Hall said...

Old Dave,

Trucks must grow up faster than people. You might want to have that "the carborators and fuel injectors" talk with Ricky.

Seriously though, I really enjoyed reading "Ricky's" blog.

-- Aaron

Gene said...

Glad to have you back nhome safe and sound. I love the pics of the mountains. It brings back many many memories. At lest a couple million miles worth.
Love Gene

Anonymous said...



I think you're right.